About Us

It started the summer of 2018 over a cup of coffee between a MN police chief and mayor with a simple question: what can we do to simplify your job as a police chief? Automation of my officer training compliance was the response. After a few follow-on meetings, it became clear that tracking training compliance for law enforcement agencies was a complex undertaking.

Our service is made in the USA by people that support our law enforcement! We are an agile Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider employing talented and customer focused individuals. From the beginning the goal was to provide our service to all law enforcement agencies, so we created a system that can adapt to each state's jurisdiction training requirements. While we started in Minnesota, our service will work with any state's training requirements; Call us today and let us help you master training compliance in your organization.

Our mission is to help chief law enforcement officers professionally train their staff and stay in compliance of the laws in their jurisdiction that govern law enforcement training. We love this stuff!

Meet the team!


Mark Gaylord

CEO & Founder



Trevor Gaylord

Engineering & Founder


Andres Nelson

Engineering & Founder


Michelle Noel

Relationship Manager


Erica Mehall

Marketing & Sales


Olivia Allen

Marketing & Sales


Kirsten Cohen

Sales Consultant


Mike Kleber

Implementation & Training


Lori Anderson

Finance & Sales

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