Feature Summary

CONFITREK is the first cloud-based law enforcement training compliance service that ushers your organization into the next generation of digital training compliance management. This easy-to-use, agile tool allows your organization to quickly and efficiently track your entire roster's training compliance requirements.

CONFITREK is your compliance Co-Pilot that allows your organization to focus on training activities while our service focuses on compliance. Our service will monitor training progress for your organization and individual officers, provides notifications about upcoming training, and reports on the organization and officers training compliance per your jurisdiction's mandates.

Your organization jurisdiction's mandated training requirements are built into CONFITREK to ensure compliance. We monitor your jurisdiction's training requirements and update our system when there are changes. Set your mind at ease with our systems daily tracking of training compliance for your entire roster.

Save time by letting ConfiTrek calculate the organizations' compliance and individual officers' compliance. Our service also automates the tedious tasks of notifying officers of upcoming training classes and to complete the training. Furthermore, we provide insightful reports for training planned, taken, and missing courses.

With CONFITREK, officers can use the system to track their own training and compliance, upload training certificates, and view their training history. Allowing accountability for each officer will also reduce the overall time to manage compliance in your organization.

CONFITREK allows you to monitor all your licensed officers and civilian training and compliance. With near real-time monitoring of changes when courses are assigned, upcoming, pending, and completed, you will always stay on top of your organizations' training activities.

One of CONFITREK Co-pilot features is sending notifications to officers when courses are assigned, pending, completed, or failing compliance. These notifications save you time and help keep communications consistent.

The CONFITREK subscription includes free monthly update. as well as free technical support and training. We are confident that our service is easy to use, but we are always available in case you need help.

CONFITREK has a dashboard for administrators and users. The administrator dashboard provides quick insight into the organization compliance and officers that are not compliant so you can see at a glance your organization training compliance. The user dashboard provides individuals a quick glance into what courses are upcoming, pending, and completed.

CONFITREK provides a roster of all the users of our service and the ability for administrators to add users through an email invitation process. Each user's details such as, name, rank, and compliance percentage. The roster can be searched or filtered to quickly find the information you need.

CONFITREK has the ability for an organization to create their own custom course catalog and use 3rd party course catalogs. You can associate any training requirement for your organizations custom course and you can extend custom courses by adding more offerings. Using your custom courses or 3rd party courses, our system tracks training compliance for your jurisdiction.

CONFITREK provides users the ability to request courses for addition to the organization catalog and request training assignments to existing courses. Both request processes eliminate the need for paper requests and facilitates communication between requestor and administrators.

CONFITREK provides the ability to track training expenses for reimbursement by your jurisdiction or municipality. This service enables administrators to setup users compensation for hourly or exempt employees, plus provides scheduled rate increases per union contracts. Whenever training occurs, you'll know the exact costs.

CONFITREK provides many reports to monitor compliance, training activities, and expenses. All reports have the ability to filter data and the ability to export into common file formats like CSV, Excel, and PDF.

We have a Use of Force (UoF) module that provides a convenient way to manage UoF incidents in your organization. This feature was requested by a current customer to eliminate the paper process to create, submit, approve, view, and report UoF incidents. The UoF module can be customized to match an organizations level of force and restraints used, plus it has an approval process so your command staff is aware of all incidents.

CONFITREK offers free, unlimited support via in-app form, email, phone, or video conferencing. Furthermore, if you need refresher training or are training a new administrator, that is all a part of our free training package. While we designed our service to be easy to use, we want you to be successful managing your organization's training, so we are ready to help.

Access CONFITREK's easy to use features anywhere in the world, using a secured login for desktop browser, tablet, or mobile phone. If you forget your password, we have you covered with a password reset capability accessible on the login screen.

We offer a convenient, simple, and cost-effective annual subscription for all the CONFITREK services. This includes customer support, and monthly system upgrades at no additional cost.

We are continually improving CONFITREK features based on feedback from our customers. We are currently developing a Field Training Officer module (FTO), as well as Vehicle pursuit and Narcan usage modules. Because we have developers on staff, we are agile and welcome any ideas that would be beneficial in our service to law enforcement.