Frequently Asked Questions

Since we launched our service in 2021, we've been asked a lot of good questions. Hopefully this list of questions and answers will help you decide to call us so we can help you with your organization's training compliance.

You will know exactly how the organization and individual officers are progressing in their training objectives. You will also know how much you're spending on training at any given time. The workload of training management will be reduced as the system will notify officers when training is upcoming and when to complete the course by uploading the training certificate. Furthermore, the system is designed for all officers to manage their own training courses and compliance without your oversight.

CONFITREK is SaaS which eliminates the need for software to be installed in each organization; all that is needed is an internet connection and a modern web browser to use the system. Our service is designed to work on a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile device so you can access the system anytime, anywhere.

We know tracking training compliance is important for your organization, officers, and the community served. Uploading training data to your states’ website is a one-way street, meaning you provide the training data to the state but don’t receive feedback in return. CONFITREK provides value with a two-way street providing feedback on overall organization compliance, individual compliance, what training is missing, notification of training scheduled and many reports for compliance, budgets and state audits.

CONFITREK service is an affordable monthly subscription for each licensed officer in your organization. We typically invoice annually and accept payments by ACH, check, and credit card. Please contact us for details on cost for your organization.

Our service contract is "evergreen", meaning it doesn't expire until you ask us to terminate the contract; all we ask from you is thirty days notice. We like to keep things simple and that is why all our contracts include monthly service updates, technical support, and training at no additional cost.

When your organization subscribes to CONFITREK, we will set up your initial organization administrators and will send them an email invitation to join the system using their email of choice. The organization administrator accesses the system using their favorite modern web browser with their email address and a complex password they setup. Once the organization administrator accesses the system, and after they have completed the onboarding training with our support staff, they can then setup a roster of officers and civilians and invite those individuals to join the system.

We offer multiple ways to get support. While using the application, you can request support by entering your issue and submitting the form. You can also send an email to We do our best to respond within one business day. Most support incidents can be resolved via email, but we have the ability to walk through your issue using the latest video conferencing techniques.

CONFITREK was designed to work with any state's law enforcement training compliance mandates; the mandates are embedded in our service. We started in Minnesota but have expanded to Ohio and soon we'll be in Indiana, Tennessee, and Oregon. We monitor the state's compliance legislative changes and update our service, so your organization's compliance is accurate. Call us today to include your state requirements in our service so your organization can manage training compliance with confidence.

Yes! CONFITREK has the ability to track state mandated training compliance and the ability to track your organizations training compliance. The organization compliance mandates are unique to your training needs and can be applied to licensed officers and civilians. For example, you can set up an organization training compliance for civilians to take eight hours of OSHA training every year.

Yes! CONFITREK can work with your IT organization to configure and use your IT organization's Identity Provider (IDP) to work with our service. This provides the benefit of a secure way for your IDP to authenticate and manage user access to our service. This is a premium offering, so contact us to make sure your IT organization's IDP can integrate with our service.

We are currently working on an FTO module for our service with a prominent law firm to create an HR-defensible FTO system. The FTO module will be integrated with our service offering and will be configurable by your organization, easy to use, and will eliminate paper-based daily operational reports (DOR). This is a logical extension to our service and is a feature that has been requested by many organizations. Call us today and get on our early adopter list for special pricing.

CONFITREK has a Use of Force (UoF) module that allows your organization to configure, track, and report UoF incidents. The UoF module eliminates paper tracking in your organization and can be used with training compliance to identify patterns with UoF patterns with your officers. The UoF module was requested by a customer, and we have several other customer requested features we are considering that include scheduling, pursuit incidents, Narcan incidents, and officer assigned equipment.

The data your organization enters into CONFITREK is owned by your organization. Your organization is responsible for the validity and correctness of the data at all times. You can download any or all of your data at anytime and the data is persisted in our system for the duration of your contract. Should your organization terminate the contract, you are responsible for downloading the data before the contract expires. Data that accessed while using the system is for your eyes only and you will not have the ability to access data that is not associated with your organization. Data that is downloaded via a report or other documents is the sole responsibility of your organization.

CONFITREK is hosted in the ultra-reliable and secure Microsoft Azure cloud environment. All network traffic from end-user devices to our systems are served using Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS) with Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 connections. Databases have a 7-day point-in-time recovery capability with additional weekly and monthly backups. Document artifacts (e.g. Certificates) are geo-replicated in secondary US-based locations. Databases and document artifacts are protected by strict firewall rules with Internet Protocol (IP) restrictions and access control policies. All passwords require a minimum of 8 upper/lower/number characters and are stored encrypted and salted with industry standard 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

CONFITREK /// blue services our law enforcement customers. In the very near future, we will be expanding our service to support related domains like Fire, EMT, and Public Works, with each domain offering slightly different features. Each of these new domains will have it's own color designation ///red for Fire, ///purple for EMT, and /// green for Public Works. Ask our sales team when this will be available.