Your training compliance copilot

The first cloud-based law enforcement training compliance system that ushers your organization into the next generation of digital training compliance management

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What Is Your Risk Tolerance?

Don't risk failing a training audit, or worse, risk writing a big check by losing use of force litigation when an officer has not been properly trained. Your organization needs to ensure all licensed officers are compliant with your jurisdiction's training requirements.

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It's Time to Simplify Compliance

This easy to use, agile tool allows your organization to quickly and efficiently track your entire roster's training and compliance requirements unique to your jurisdiction. Discard those inefficient, time consuming spreadsheets and paper tracking, and embrace the simplification of digital compliance management.

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Created by a Police Chief

CONFITREK is made in the USA by people that support our police! This system was conceived by a Minnesota Police Chief and Mayor to simplify the task of tracking officer training. It's easy to use and provides access to all of your officers training documents.

10 reasons to use CONFITREK

1. Compliance Copilot
CONFITREK allows police departments to focus on training activities, and our service will track, notify, and report on the agency and officers training compliance.
2. Compliance Guaranteed
Your organization's training requirements are built into CONFITREK to ensure compliance. Set your mind at ease with our system’s daily tracking of training compliance for your entire roster.
3. Reduce Time
Save time by viewing organization and officer’s calculated percent compliance, and training expenses. Furthermore, with a click of a button, create a training compliance reports.
4. Officer Accountability
With CONFITREK, officers can use the system to track their own training and compliance, upload training certificates, and view their training history.
5. Accessible 24x7
Access CONFITREK's easy to use features anywhere in the world, using a secured login for desktop browser, tablet, or mobile phone.
6. Available Three 9’s
We offer a convenient, simple, and cost-effective annual subscription for all the CONFITREK services, which includes customer support, and monthly system upgrades at no additional cost.
7. Track Training
CONFITREK allows you to track all your licensed officers training and compliance while also allowing the tracking of civilian staff such as administrative and Community Service Officers.
8. Course Catalogs
Associate any training requirement for your organization's custom course or you can use 3rd party course catalog providers that are included with our service; either way, you get calculated training compliance for your jurisdiction.
9. Receive Notifications
One of the Co-pilot features of CONFITREK is that it sends notifications to officers when courses are assigned, pending, completed, or failing compliance.
10. Future Proof
We are continually improving our service features based upon feedback from our customers. We have built a Use Of Force (UoF) module that is linked to UoF Training, and we are currently developing a Field Training Officer Module (FTO), as well as Vehicle pursuit and Narcan usage. Because we have developers on staff, we are agile and welcome any ideas that would be beneficial in our service to law enforcement.